In the sense of article VI.45 WeR the  general conditions beneath/the following general conditions are applied  on all orders and sales, placed and done by any consumer at Noam Jewels.

Before placing an electronic order through the website www.diamondjewelryfromantwerp.com, the consumer must agree to  the general conditions beneath/to the following general conditions. The consumer therefor can’t rely on an ignorance of the existance neither the content of these general conditions, which are binding at each order, placed at www.diamondjewelryforantwerp.com, unabated the special conditions, which might be  aberrant and will always have priority on determinations of these general conditions.

The enterprise/seller concerning  Ltd Noam Jewels, with registered office at Antwerp, Rijfstraat 3 and with company number 0457.590.669, tel +32 (0) 3 226 54 69, fax +32 (0) 3 226 54 99, e-mail: info@dj-fa.com

A binding sale and purchase agreement between Ltd Noam Jewels and the consumer is established by the fact that the consumer agreed at Noams Jewels webstore with an order with payment, by pressing the same button. The further cited payment obligation is created the moment that this button has been pressed. From receipt of payment Noam Jewels has the obligation to deliver the purchased product within the given delivery period, unabated different terms.

The goods which are offered and sold are ‘custom made’ jewels, composed of noble metals and stones, chosen by the customer by measure, weight and design, based on designs and fotographs available on the website www.diamondjewelryfromantwerp.com.

The prices listed on the website  always are per item and variable. The prices may be influenced by the specific requirements of the consumer as well as the daily price of the constituent materials. The prices may therefore vary at different times. The consumer as well as the seller are always bound at the price which is displayed at the time of purchase. All prices include VAT and any required fees and taxes.

The shipment to the customers are insured by us.Return shipments should be insured by the carrier with whom the customers ships return goods.Shipments are free unless exceptional destinations,in this case we provide the information upfront to the customer. The cost of shipping depends on pitch and location of the shipment, and shall be announced at each product being offered for sale. The cost that has to be paid for the shipping of the product is visible as soon as the consumer adds this product to her or his shopping cart. The cost for using this website and all distance communication, starting from the seller, shall be borne by the seller.

Payments must be made in order through the payment system ‘Mollie’ (For more information: www.mollie.com/be/terms) or by bank transfer, which will be delivered after ordering to the consumer. Orders are only considered upon receipt of full payment by the consumer. Delivery terms commence from receipt of payment.

Delivery terms are listed per item and will be at least 5 days for jewelry of which the consistuent parts are in stock and up to 30 days for jewelry of which the consistuent parts need to be ordered and/or created. Exception should be made for orders made in the last week of July and in August and this because of the annual summer recess from the suppliers of raw materials. It is possible that listed delivery terms can’t be reached due to force majeure, which makes delivery impossible and can never be borne by the seller. Force majeure is caused when there is an incident separate from any human action (a natural dissaster, a fire, a flood, a death, a dissease,...) or either due to acts of third parties, for which the parties to the agreement are not responsible (war, strike, theft, vandalism,…)

For each item that is sold, the customer will receive a certificate of authenticity, drawn up and delivered by HRD Antwerp (more info : …) For the rest, the rules on sales on customers are as provided in articles 1649.

Complaints about the delivery must initially be reported by telephone to Noam Jewels. They will then contact the respective deliverer concerning the supply of the product. Complaints about the product itself must be reported in writing to Noam Jewels. Complaints ar usually handled by Noam within 14 days. The handling of complaints is always done in writing. Complaints arising from a visible defect of the delivered product must be notified by telephone or by mail to Noam.

As it regards the supply of goods whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market (of the raw materials), on which the seller has no influence, and it regards the delivery of goods, manufactured according to the specifications of the consumer, or goods that are clearly meant to a specific person, the legally stipulated right of withdrawal provided for distance selling does not apply.

Nevertheless the seller gives the opportunity to return the purchased item in exchange for a voucher, or another jewel of equal or lower price, in the latter case supplemented by a voucher. In exchange for a more expensive product (price based on daily prices on the time of trade) a support will obviously be needed. The exchange has to happen within 14 days after delivery and can only regarding items that contain no signs of use or wear. The return should be in the original packaging. At a return, also the certificate of authenticity should be returned to the seller. Cost of return always be borne by the consumer. Any custom made nor engraved jewelry can’t be returned as they are personalized and unseleable.

Ltd Noam Jewels will never give the personal data of the consumer to third parties without explicit consent.

On the (pre) contractual relationship between the BVBA Noam Jewels and the consumer, only the laws of Belgium are supplied.  Only the competent courts of the district of Antwerp, Antwerp department competent to any claim arising out of (pre) contractual relationship to acquaint between BVBA Noam Jewels and consumers, without prejudice to any abnormal mandatory law.

In case  a clause, or a determination of these conditions are invalid, not be enforced and / or is not declared as practicable, so does not affect the validity, enforceability, and / or enforceability of the other clauses or terms.

Be excluded from the application of these terms, the order placed or sale made by others than consumers, that is any natural person acting for purposes not related to  his professional activity.