Our jewelry and diamond services

   Why choose us?

  • Fast delivery
  • safe order, safe payment
  • Extended information
  • Online education on an extended website 
  • Guaranteed certificate (HRD or IGI) for jewelry
  • For diamonds the accompanying certificate will be (HRD-IGI-GIA)

At your service!

Jewels, made at your size

We like to make your dreams come true and we can create your personally designed jewels or our own devises. If you are the owner of old jewels, gold or diamonds, we can easily adapt them in your new design. We can also create totally new rings, bracelets or other jewels, with our without diamonds. We have a close collaboration with leading companies from the Antwerp diamond sector who will always offer the best and fastest service. Through this collaboration, we can guarantee the best quality. All our diamonds (0.20 ct and more) are getting a certificate (HRD, GIA or IGI) More information will be given to you  on this website.

Take some time to visit us to talk about your idea. Our sales team will be glad to be at your service!

Purchase of old gold and diamonds

You can come to us to sell your old jewels, gold or diamonds at the highest price. We will analyse your jewels or diamonds in your presence, so you can fully trust this analysis.

Repair and cleaning of jewels

You can contact us for all your jewel reparations. We collaborate with the best jewellers of Antwerp. It is always our ambition to apply a ‘one day service’: you can bring your jewels and collect them the same day.

Performed services:

  • The fitting of diamonds
  • The cleaning of jewels
  • The reparation of diamonds
  • Polishing
  • Enlarging or reducing of rings
  • Gold-plating (with rhodium) of jewels

Warranty at our services

Warranty on all our services