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The driving force behind Diamond Jewelry from Antwerp is Jonathan Weitman. Thanks to his more than 35 years of expertise, you can rely on the highest quality at DJ-FA.

Jonathan grew up in the center of the diamond industry. Diamond Jewelry from Antwerp is still located in the Rijfstraat in the world-famous Antwerp diamond district, between the city park and the Central Station.

“I was 16 when I cleaved my first stones as an apprentice and later grinded them to become a brilliant”, says Jonathan. “After three years I had enough knowledge of the subject to start a new chapter. I studied gemmology, the study of precious stones and semi precious stones.”

Gemmologists distinguish the different stones by their appearance, color, reflection, grinding method and so on. “Today, 36 years later, I’m regularly consulted as a troubleshooter to find solutions for specific situations with jewelers and wholesalers.”

In search of the perfect diamond

Jonathan started visiting the stock markets where diamonds are bought and sold more frequently. “What fascinated me, however, was the trade in the end product, the jewel. I found that most wholesalers were simply sales outlets. Revenue was seen as the greater purpose, while the basis for good cooperation is precisely the dialogue.”

Diamond Jewelry from Antwerp was literally built on this conviction. “Together with the customer, we are looking for the perfect jewel or the diamond of their dreams. We only believe in selling high quality diamonds and jewelry at the best conditions. In addition, we guarantee an excellent service.”

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