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Finding the right jewel for you

Celebrating the new or remembering the old

This is a short introduction to jewels and diamonds that will set you in the mood. Maybe you are  getting married or maybe there’s  another reason to celebrate? We suggest the right jewel on the right place: there’s a diamond for every situation.

This introduction also indicates the most important paragraphs about finding the right jewel and diamond for you. As you will see: there’s an answer for almost every question.

set your budget

Here we are talking  about the values of diamonds and about the budget, about what you can find, starting from low end to high end. The greatest values of a diamond are its beauty, its brightness and its durability. These values are indicated with the famous ‘Four C’s’: Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity. Basically, there’s a jewel for every budget and it’s worth spending a bit more for good quality that will last a "lifetime".

find your jewel

We take care to present you a carefully selected collection of different kinds of jewels and diamonds for all purposes. This way, it will be easy to make your personal choice. This collection is not limited in just rings: there’s a jewel for every occasion.

If you already have your jewel, we can help you to find the right diamond. If you already have your  diamond, we may suggest a jewel that will embrace your precious stone. We can also start from the very beginning: together, we can find your diamond ánd your jewel.

choose the material

The carefully chosen metal of the jewel can increase the beauty of your diamond! We introduce you to a short material education, so you can be very sure of the choice that you will make. We do emphasize that all our materials are high quality noble metals. This will reduce the risk on allergies.

select the diamond(s)

Finding the right diamond can be a beautiful adventure. The more you know about diamonds, the more you will love them! This search has to do with quality and taste. For the quality, we refer to the famous four C’s in our material education. As for the taste: this can be your very own journey, unless you prefer our advice.

Will your attention go to one impressive solitary diamond? Or would you rather choose a jewel with side diamonds? We can present you all different options, so you are highly documented to make your final decision.

find out your ring size

All hands are different, all sizes are different… Maybe you don’t know your ring size? Don’t worry, we can help you. We  provide a printable ring size guide (on pdf) that will help you determining your size.

Notice: When printing the ring size guide, make sure that page scaling is set to “none” on your print dialog box.