Education: Jewelry certification

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Jewel certificates

All our jewels are certificated


All DJ-FA diamonds are getting a certificate according to the report of the High Council of Diamonds (de Hoge Raad voor Diamanten, HRD)

For over 30 years HRD Antwerp enjoys the confidence of the diamond sector. This organisation has grown into one of the most respected diamond laboratories in the entire world.
HRD Antwerp stands for quality, authenticity and objectivity. The HRD Antwerp Certificate confirms the authenticity of a diamond and describes its qualities. It concerns the famous C’s: carat, colour, clarity and cut.

Therefore, the HRD certificate and jewel report are worldwide respected.
HRD is the first diamond lab in the world that’s got the international accreditation NBN EN ISO / IEC 17025 got.

HRD Antwerp Jewelry certificate