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Each DJ-FA jewel is accompanied by a diamond certificate or a jewelery report from HRD or IGI.

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Online diamond and jewelry service

Diamond Jewelry from Antwerp has its roots in Belgium, in Antwerp to be more specified. Born in the very center of diamond tradition, we can rely on a carefully builded  craftsmanship. We endeavour to make it possible for everybody to buy high quality products at competitive charges. DJ-FA  only believes  in the highest quality: we deliver the highest quality diamonds and jewelry at the best conditions and we guarantee an excellent service.

Each jewel we sell gets an HRD-certificate which confirms the quality and accuracy of your purchase.

Handle with care!

We proudly present you a: 

‘Handle with care’, an online communication that gets directly to your questions and demands. An experience for years in the world of diamonds made it possible for us to build a large knowledge about diamonds and jewelry. This way, we can easily get into dialogue with diamond sellers and jewelers. For your precious stones you already own, we can find you an ‘à la carte’ ring: for each diamond there’s a convenient ring you can choose online. On the other hand, we can supply the right diamond for any ring. These choices can be made online, with a quick but correct service, an instant service which guarantees:

  • A quick delivery
  • A safe order, a safe payment
  • Extensive information
  • An online education on a clear, sizeable website
  • A guaranteed certificate (HRD)

We strive for a clear dialogue between us and you as a customer. All the jewelry is manufactured by us and diamonds are directly puchased  This way, we get the highest results!

We are looking forward to answer your questions.





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